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Roger Goodman, M.Mus., M.Div. was active during the Civil Rights Movement and protests over the Vietnam War in the 1960’s, yet understanding the heterosexism of those movements.  He realized that they did not speak for him .  Roger was present at the Stonewall Rebellion in June 1969 in NYC, a watershed event for the LGBTQ Movement, where he fought the police with his brothers and sisters.  The was his first encounter with the larger Gay community, after being isolated as the only publicly out Gayman at Oberlin College  for four years.  After being an international concert harpsichordist, teacher, vocal coach, and recording artist, he began work on his documentary film “From the Ashes Risen.”  He is the author of the book Thoughts of a Tribal Elder: One Queerman’s Journey from the Ashes Risen” ,  a companion volume the his film which is in pre-production.  Because of his addictions to sex and drugs for which he has been in recovery for the past eight years,  he became HIV+ in the early 1980’s and was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1995 at which time he died during a coma, but miraculously came back from death. He says that the reason he came back was because he had import transformational work to share with Queer people everywhere.  For 35 years he was a devoted private harpsichord and piano teacher, a vocal coach, and was on the faculty in the School of Music at DePaul University for 23 of those 35 years.  This was the first part of his work.  The book and the film are the second and third part of the work, and this blog is the fourth.  He hopes you will find the posts edifying and entertaining.  Roger lives in Chicago with his spouse Jerry Scholle and their two cats (Ms) Murfee and (Mr.) Gizmo.

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